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Who is Movig for?

Movig is designed for creators looking to build sustainable businesses through brand deals. We work with UGC creators and influencers across the globe.

Which brands can I pitch to?

We have a growing list of brands that are looking for creators across niches that you can pitch to. You can also add ANY BRAND you want to pitch to, track, and/or manage collabs with.

What if I mostly have inbounds?

Movig frees up time for you reach out and evaluate any brand so you can expand beyond only inbound requests. You can also use Movig to track any collabs and stay organized with all your docs!

I'm not based in the US. Can I use Movig?

Absolutely! While many of our brands are based in the US, we also have country-specific brands and you can always use Movig to manage your own brands and other parts of your business.

Can I get involved?

Absolutely! Movig is built for and with creators ! Join us through the site and we'll follow up or feel free to email us directly!

Missing anything?

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