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Close more deals on your terms with Movig, your AI assistant that finds brands, gets the right contact, and automates your outreach💜

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Tired of spending hours finding and pitching brands?

Brands inboxes are flooded with emails every day. Movig makes sure your emails stand out and get replies!

You're probably familiar with 👇
Hours scrolling IG and DMing to find collabs and contacts
❌ Time-consuming
❌ Not scalable
Sending templated pitches and not following up
❌ Few replies
❌ Missing opportunities
Outsourcing to creative agencies or virtual assistants
❌ Lack of control
❌ Expensive

Focus on content or outreach?
With Movig, now you can do both

Movig finds the best brands fit for you and makes outreach a breeze, so you can build personal relationships with the brands you love

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How it works


Set your profile and brand preferences in 1 min ✅

Quickly customize your profile to ensure we find the perfect matches for you.


Discover brands tailored to you ❤️

Receive highly targeted brands recommended for you every week and also request brands you want to work with.


Get unique pitches to every brand, in your voice 🤯

You don’t have to write pitches, we do it for you. Then you can review them, save for later or send them right away!


Receive notifications when a brand replies 🔔

Handle all your communication with brands on the platform, and access insights on your outreach .

Trust their voices, not just our words

Social Media Strategist

Thanks to Movig, I saw my income increase without lifting a finger for outreach. More income, zero outreach stress – a dream come true!

Dec 6, 2023
Social Media Strategist

Thanks to Movig, I saw my income increase without lifting a finger for outreach. More income, zero outreach stress – a dream come true!

Dec 6, 2023
Social Media Strategist

Thanks to Movig, I saw my income increase without lifting a finger for outreach. More income, zero outreach stress – a dream come true!

Dec 6, 2023
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Results to date

80% time

We use AI to make brand outreach easy and create personal connections with brands

We’ve built a database of 100K+ brands with verified marketing contacts, for you

Movig collects information about brands active on social media and suggests brands aligned with you every week. Based on your feedback, the suggestions get better and better over time!

✅ 30+ brand information (niche, ads, location, etc.)
✅ Brands perfectly matching your preferences

Effortlessly receive high-converting pitches: simply approve, no need for manual typing

Movig writes every email for you. We look at the brand’s website and social media profiles to make the conversation more personal and get replies.

✅ Highly personalized, always
✅ Higher response rate

Keep your creator business organized in one place and always stay on top of every brand deal

Manage collabs end-to-end from pitching to closing, and never miss a deal opportunity

✅ Automatic follow ups
✅ Notifications and reminders (e.g. revisit later)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQ or get in touch with us through live chat. We're always happy to assist!

How does Movig find my brands?

After the onboarding process, we will present you with a selection of brands to review. This information will provide us with insights to enhance our brand-matching capabilities. We will search our extensive database of over 100K+ brands to find the most suitable brands for you. As soon as you complete the onboarding, you'll see brands recommended for you every week. We continually improve our matches and performance with each interaction you make with Movig :)

How can Movig write my pitches?

Movig gets information about the website and social media profiles of a brand to gather relevant information for crafting personalized emails. With this input, we have all the necessary details to create highly tailored emails, which result in a significant boost in response rates. Movig has built effective chatGPT prompts that use the information scraped to create stunning cold emails.

Can I track the performance of my outreach?

Of course. Movig provides detailed analytics for each campaign, which includes: brands outreached, brands active, response rates, brands interested, open rates, and many more. Please consider that some statistics (e.g. open rates) are available to Pro users only. Outreach statistics are accessible from your dashboard.

Are emails sent directly from my email account?

Yes, all pitches are sent from the email account you connect to our platform. This ensures that communications with brands are personalized and come directly from you, maintaining authenticity in your outreach.

What types of brand contacts do you provide?

We provide specific emails for collaborations, such as, and verified professional contacts, such as emails of specific people working in the marketing, social media or PR team of a brand. For some very small brands we can provide generic contacts, such as

What are credits and how do they work?

Our platform operates on a credit-based system. Each personalized pitch sent to a brand and each brand requested consumes 1 credit. Credits are not cumulative and will be reset on the first day of your billing cycle. So don’t wait and pitch!

Can I request to get connected with specific brands?

Absolutely! You can request any brands you want to work with directly from the platform. Movig will find specific emails for collaborations and verified professional contacts for these brands, and provide you with a personalized pitch to review or send. If only a generic contact (e.g. is found the credit used will be refunded.

What happens if an email is not delivered?

If an email gets bounced or is not delivered correctly for issues related to Movig, the credit consumed to send the pitch will be refunded.