Virtual Assistants: How They Can Help You Become a Successful Influencer

virtual assistant for influencers

The world of User Generated Content (UGC) has taken off in recent years, and knowing what content will engage, entertain and inform your audience can take a lot of time and energy. For most content creators this can involve doing everything from content creation inception through to completion which includes doing all your own writing, editing, videography, among other things. This is time consuming and challenging when you can be focusing your efforts on researching brands that you want to work with and doing outreach to them. This is where Movig’s platform can help. We aren’t a VA company, so our creators prefer using us versus a VA, but we’re going to break down what tasks a VA can do in this blog post.

The Benefits of Hiring a VA for Influencers

As an influencer, not only do you need to manage your online presence, but you also need to perform administrative duties, review contracts, research brands and emails for people associated with those brands, bookkeeping, and more. All of these tasks can be very time consuming and this is where a VA can help. A VA is dedicated to helping content creators manage their calendars, review contracts, and administrative tasks and more. What VA’s can do:

Administrative duties

They can help with administrative duties such as bookkeeping⎯billing and invoicing.

Monitor and respond to comments and messages

It can take a lot of time to reply to comments and messages. A VA can reply to messages and comments on your behalf, saving you the time.

Manage email

Manage and arrange the influencer's email inbox by which emails are a priority and need a response promptly versus those that are less of a priority.

Find brands and email addresses

A VA can help you find brands you want to work with and then the right email addresses of the people that work at those companies. Once you’ve created a template, the assistant can email these out.

Schedule meetings and appointments

Set up meetings and appointments on the influencer's behalf, sending out invitations and reminders as necessary.


  • Outsource non-creative work
  • Choose an assistant that meets your exact needs


  • Can be hard to find and vet the right VA
  • May or may not be trained for creator space
  • Can be costly

As your business grows, so will the responsibilities that come with it. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with the increasing workload, it may be time to consider hiring a VA. VA’s can help you manage your workflow, take care of more day-to-day tasks, and give you more time to focus on core aspects of the business, such as creating more content.

Why Movig Could Be The Right Choice For You:
  • We’ve built our company, services, and data specifically for creators and the creator economy.
  • With our advanced technology features, we have greater efficiency, therefore can scale quickly.
  • We’re cost effective, with plans starting at $100/mo
  • Our new concierge service allows you to do personalized outreach

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